A wide fairway and a large green highlight this hole. Great hole to start your day off with a birdie.
The first par 5 is a long dog leg to the right. The fairway is highlighted with a sand trap about 165 yards from the green on the right and a pond on the left about 95 yards.
This par 3 is highlighted with a sand trap the left of the green, a pond to the right, and woods to the back.
A short straight par 4. Features a wide fairway, sand trap to the left of the green, and a stream which passes behind the hole. The green is sloped back to front and adds to the challenge of this hole.
This hole starts with a narrow chute off the tee. There is a stream up the left side for the majority of the hole. The green is large with many tricky undulations.
The place to be on this par 3 is on the green. Short, you're in the pond, long leaves a challenging chip with the green slanting away from you and towards the water.
This par four has a green that is protected by a stream and tree, but does hold the approach shots beautifully once they're there.
This chute off the tee challenges you to keep your drive long and straight for this long par four. If one strays away from the fairway, there could be trouble left or right.
This hole is a promoter of target golf. A dogleg right with a pond accompanied by a beautiful tree on the corner of the fairway.
This hole is affected by a couple of water hazards including one just short of the green.
This long par three requires a precise tee shot with woods to the right and a small green.
This dogleg left is tough with a narrow fairway and small green.
This hole is a lot like hole twelve, but the tightness starts from the tee.
A greenside bunker with the gree sloping towards it, makes the approach shot key on this par four.
A nice par three to grab a par or even a birdie on.
The fairway is narrow and the green slightly elevated with unforgiving undulations.
The green is sloped back to front saving shots from going long into the trees.
This par five is made interesting with a lateral hazard at driving distance and a greenside bunker protecting the large green. With a couple of streams crossing the wide fairway, a good drive off the tee will leave you just short of the stream about 200yds from the pin. This and a slight dogleg to the right make this a great hole to finish the day with.